All girls wrestling clinic held in Colorado Springs

Posted at 3:16 PM, Apr 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-15 17:16:33-04

Kids are dreamers, but for this group of young girls, their hopes and dreams are a little outside the box. 

A group of girls gathered at the James Irwin Middle School in Colorado Springs Sunday to attend an all girls wrestling clinic. 

But for young Matilda Hurey, becoming a wrestler is something you could say she fell into. 

Hurey told News 5 that her brother started wrestling, and as she would sit bored in the stands she decided to try it out herself. But at just nine years old, she gives most boys a run for their money.

"One time a boy said you aren’t strong you just have good technique and I was like why do I beat you, and he was like you just have good technique and I was like okay," said Hurey. 

But it isn’t just her strong technique that makes her a good wrestler, many working alongside her say her enthusiasm is contagious, like many women in the sport. 

USA Wrestling hopes that more girls get involved in the sport, the team even brought in some heavy reinforcements at the event. Olympian Haley Augello was brought in to teach the aspiring athletes the tricks of the trade. 

"I wish I grew up, 10 years later and grew up with how far it’s come," said Colorado Women’s USA Wrestling Coordinator Deanna Betterman. 

Representatives from USA Wrestling anticipate holding wrestling clinics every month. They say the first clinic was a success, with people coming in from all over the state to attend.