Extreme winds blow trash across Colorado Springs, group cleaning up

Posted at 6:12 PM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 20:12:12-04

On Friday trash was flying all over Colorado Springs, so much that a local group decided it needed to work to get as much cleaned up as possible. 

Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful was trying to keep roads and creeks clear of debris, but the high winds were making it pretty difficult.

In these kinds of conditions, the group always asks for the city’s help to stop more trash from taking flight. 

Dee Cunningham, executive director of Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful, said, "We got out here early yesterday before the wind really started picking up badly so we could clean up on Nevada by the four corners of I-25."

As of Friday afternoon, the group had filled up almost 100 bags of trash just in that area. 

"The wind will blow all of the trash right into the creek here so we did get about 15 yards of trash off of the streets and road surfaces yesterday."

However, since Thursday, the winds have only picked up and there is still a lot of trash in and around the creek. 

"Trash in the stream is never good and we get out as much as humanly possible."

Cunningham says the effort is something the group can’t do alone. 

"It takes everyone to keep things clean."

Some might blame homeless camps for a majority of the trash outside. 

"Some of it is, but not all of it. We have people who go to the landfill with uncovered trucks, uncovered loads. We have trash trucks that don’t close their load properly."

On top of that, Cunningham says some businesses and homeowners aren’t doing their part. 

"We would love you to remember that you have a trash toter at your house. Please don’t dump your loose trash from cans around the house into that can…please bag it up, tie it in a knot, put it in. That way when the trash truck lifts it up the wind doesn’t take the loose debris."

Cunningham says the group might be continuing clean-up efforts on Saturday, but it will depend on just how windy it is. 

If you’d like to get involved with Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful click here or call 719-577-9111.