Traveling closet with free clothes helping the Colorado Springs community

Posted at 9:00 PM, Apr 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-07 23:00:23-04

A local Colorado Springs woman isn’t just collecting clothing donations for those in need, she’s bringing them right to their doorstep through the Cruising Clothes Closet.

"I just think there was a big need," said Sonja Mcconnell, who founded the traveling closet with her husband.

You might spot it at El Vecino Apartments every Saturday, filled with clothing and other donations… *free* to whoever wants to drop in… And pick something out.

"Just kind of pick up and go wherever we think it’s needed," Mcconnell added.

The trailer caught the attention of 22-year-old Greggory Karr, who is currently unemployed and looking after his girlfriend who is eight months pregnant.

The soon-to-be-father came here for help.

"How hard it is for people to find jobs these days, like for myself, it’s been terrible, we’ve got a child on the way," said Karr.

Thankfully, the Cruising Clothes Closet  is there to take some weight off this community’s shoulders.

"We know how hard it is," said Mcconnell.

"That’s all we want to do, that’s our whole motivation is just to show people that we care, carry a burden for them in any way we can."

The trailer, filled with donations from people around the community has helped bring a sense of reassurance to people like Karr who is trying to make ends meet.

"It’s just been a struggle and with these people, it helps us make sure that we have, you know, clothes for our child as soon as he gets to enter this world," said Karr.

Just as you’ll find the clothes here have no price tag, you’ll also find the sense of solidarity Mcconnell and her volunteer evoke everywhere they visit can be priceless to those who need it most.

"It is relieving just knowing that there are people out there that actually care," said Karr. "It’s a rare thing to see these days."

If you’d to donate clothes or suggest other locations for the cruising clothes closet to visit, you can reach out to the group on Facebook here.