Volunteer firefighter joins firefight instead of protecting his own home

Posted at 8:23 PM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-04 22:23:52-04

When the Falcon Fire started, volunteer firefighter David Moravek had a decision to make: Go home and defend his home from the advancing flames, or turn back and join the firefight.

"I’m driving home and I see the big plume of smoke, and I’m not exactly sure where it is, but I know it’s in my neighborhood." Moravek said.

For him, it was an easy decision to make. He turned back.

"I knew it was a fire that was somewhat typical and that we were gonna control it.," he said.

On Wednesday, firefighters determined a cigarette butt caused the fire, which burned an estimated 386 acres, which came frighteningly close to his home. as drone video he shot shows. He dug a line on the fire’s flank, while the flames approached his home.

"I was always looking over my shoulder and seeing how it was going, because there was a lot of intensity by my place." he said.

He said he had faith that others would keep his home safe, despite the strong winds and dry air Monday night.

"Even though I wasn’t able to go directly to my house and dig line around it, I knew the guys that were doing it, and that gave me a lot of confidence that they would be doing exactly the same thing I would be doing."

Once Moravek was released from the fire line, he went home and personally thanked the Security firefighters who worked to protect his home.