Brie and Baby Three: Working from home, supporting local businesses

Brie works from home
Brie works from home
Social distancing with the kids
Brie works from home
Posted at 8:08 AM, Mar 29, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — Stay Home. That's been the theme of our lives these past few weeks and now a direct order from the governor. My family has been quarantined for two weeks now as I am doing everything I can to protect this baby inside of me and all of those around me. My grandparents are fragile and my mom is immuno-compromised. I miss them. I miss my sisters and the laughter of Maverick and Rhett running around with their cousins.

We have had to find some new ways of communicating. The kids are confused but loving FaceTime, Facebook video calling and Zoom. What are you doing to stay in touch with family and friends?

Working from home has been a whole other beast. We have the majority of our news staff out of the studio which has presented obstacles beyond what I thought was possible. I am sure you have noticed some hiccups and to be honest it has been a draining week. We have all been putting in long hours and extra days. I happen to be the guinea pig when it comes to anchoring from home. I was sent home first because of the information regarding COVID-19 and pregnancy.

I am currently bringing you the news from the confines of my basement. Check out the video for a behind the scenes look. I'm doing my best to keep you all updated on the process through daily videos. I think we are finally finding a groove with our new normal. Ira, Rob and Elizabeth have some studios set up in their homes as well, just in case they are sent home.

As a family we have really enjoyed this slow down and extra time together. Some days are better than others. The warm weather has been our saving grace. I don't think I've ever come up with so many backyard activities for the kids, taken so many walks or just really sat and enjoyed the nature around me like I do now.

That doesn't mean I haven't lost it some days. We are all frustrated. It's so hard explaining to a 3-year-old and 1-year-old why we can't go to "play places" or parks. Why they can't go to the neighbor's house. Why mom is out of energy and just needs a break.

But again it will all be worth it if we can help one another stay healthy. Plus, we live in a great neighborhood. All of the kids are communicating over privacy fences, families are painting rocks and decorating drive-ways with encouraging quotes.

I know it's taking a toll on all of us, but communities are coming together and shining more than ever.

Please remember to get out and support local business. This is a tough time. Visit their websites and treat yourself to take-out when you can. Our restaurants need us.

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