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Brie and Baby Three: Week 39 - Will this be the week?

Posted at 5:17 AM, May 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-21 15:55:00-05

This little one is making it known that he/she wants out.

I had inductions scheduled for my first two kids and I had planned to do the same with our third baby, but I think "Brick" has other plans.

I spent a day this past week in the hospital with some VERY painful and consistent contractions. At 38 weeks the baby is just about ready, but this was FALSE LABOR.

We've all heard of it- and it is a tricky beast. These contractions were just as painful as when I was in labor with my boys, they lasted for over an hour and I swore it was the real thing. I asked our wonderful nurse when I should come back... and again a tricky answer. She basically said when I feel like I was feeling but things don't slow down.

Lucky for me, these contractions are doing work. When I was checked, I learned that I am 3cm dilated and almost fully effaced. The baby has dropped and is "very low". Real labor is not too far off.

The doc sent me home and asked me to relax as much as possible in order to keep “Brick” in for another week. I really am trying, but moms: we know that's nearly impossible with the age of my young boys. My husband is home; he's working and trying his hardest to be super helpful, but my boys are three and one. It's difficult.

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The size of a watermelon. A bowling ball. A pumpkin. That, folks, is what I feel like is almost falling out of me. I asked my doctor if I could just start pushing. He said it would only cause that's a no go. They say my weight gain has stopped. I'm challenging them and getting take-out a few times this week.

Honestly, I would love for Brick to stay put until May 18. I am a total planner, and this way I would know -- when I'm walking into the hospital, I'm having him/her. Realistically, do I think that's going to happen? No, but none of us ever know. If he/she hangs on, that's fine too. I just want this baby healthy and in my arms soon!

Thinking back on our journey to conceive, we are so beyond grateful to be in this moment of our lives. Sometimes, I feel so silly for complaining. I know it's normal, but never did we think we would be this blessed.

Prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby are much appreciated.

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