Brie and Baby Three: Social Distancing allows for more quality time as parents

The boys and ducks
The boys and ducks
Ryan and the boys
Maverick fingerpainting
Garbage truck boys
Posted at 5:42 AM, Mar 22, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — The reason is scary to think about, but social distancing is forcing us as a country to slow down. It’s giving families the opportunity to spend quality time together.

There’s no hiding behind sporting events, conferences, errands, workouts. We don’t have to rush that nighttime routine to get the kids in bed after a long day of work.

If you’re like my husband and the thousands of others, you’ve been sent home to work remotely. I will now be in the same boat. Never did I think my profession would allow for this, but we are in unprecedented times. More to come on this.

Look at this time as a gift. A chance to reset our priorities.

Play games, go for walks, learn a new skill, be present with one another and appreciate your dinner time together.

Take the time to see where your kids are struggling. Where they’re excelling.

I know the financial ramifications are hard for many. Not seeing loved ones, canceled plans— I do not diminish that, but wow, how amazing that the whole world is slowing down and banding together to help. It’s beautiful.

I hope once the craziness dies down we'll come out realizing we can all live more slowly and simply. We can take care of each other.

How are you filling up this unexpected time together or are you running out of ideas to keep the kids busy?

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