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Brie and Baby Three: Our weekend getaway - how to survive the long car ride with littles

Brie and Baby Three: Traveling with littles
Posted at 8:18 AM, Sep 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-21 16:04:43-05

This past weekend we went to the most amazing hidden gem to celebrate my cousin’s upcoming marriage.

It meant four hours of driving with a newborn who hates his car seat and a toddler who has no volume control- so will inevitably wake the baby if he does fall asleep.

Taking our kids on a road trip is always a crapshoot.

Is it going to be full of the fits, missed naps (which could mean a disastrous day ahead), a messy car, blowouts, forgetting something essential?

Probably, but here’s how we’ve learned to make road trips bearable.

Leave during naptime

This is essential for us. We have the milk and “soft blankies” ready. As soon as we get in the car, the white noise goes on. Then we pray they fall asleep as we hit the interstate.

Fun snacks

Ones that take a while to eat. Things like cookie-cutter sandwiches, trail mix, string cheese and fruit strips.

Busy toys

These our some of our favorites:

Etch-a-sketch (or doodle board), The Buckle book, Water Wow book, and I Spy, it's a dry erase sheet where they can identify things they see along the drive. I think I found it at the dollar store. Many websites allow free printable sheets as well.

Be flexible

Allow extra time for the kids to stretch their legs and get a little fresh air. Plus, Hayes loves to blowout of his outfits so we need the break to bathe him with baby wipes.

Watch this week's video to see our trip from beginning to end as we spent time with loved ones in the NoCo islands. This place was magical and such a wonderful break away from home.

We paddle boated, canoed and splashed around. There was a giant water trampoline, horse shoes, catfish you could feed and the best part: family.

By the time we left, the boys were exhausted and had eaten way too much sugar. The drive back started with a fun little screaming contest. It was awful, but the giggling made it hard to get mad. Plus, about 10 minutes in and they were knocked out.

Brie and Baby Three: Traveling with littles

If you ever travel toward Fort Collins, you have to check this place out. I lived there for years and had no idea these islands existed.

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