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Brie and Baby Three: Happy birthday to our non-stop smiling, pro-scooter riding, animal-loving, dino "roar” obsessed 2-year-old

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Posted at 6:00 AM, Oct 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-21 16:03:41-05

Happy birthday to our non-stop smiling, pro-scooter riding, animal loving, Dino”roar” obsessed 2-year-old.

You may forever eat us out of food and lack a sense of volume control... but you have been a dream since you graced us with your 5 minute birth, calm presence, and love for life. Plus, you still love naps and a good night’s sleep.

Happy Birthday Rhett, you bring so much joy to everyone around you. We love you

Brie's kids.jpg

Rhett turned two this past week. What did he get on his birthday? 4 shots. I am the worst. It breaks my heart every time my kids are due for their vaccinations and it seems to get harder the older they get.

Hayes also had to get three. I overestimated my abilities to comfort both of the boys with the back to back needle poking.
Poor Hayden basically hyperventilated and nursing couldn't even settle him. Rhett surprisingly barely cried, he did however, scream for them to leave.

When we got home Maverick had a birthday present waiting for his brother. It was the sweetest thing. Teaching your kids how to give with nothing in return is a difficult thing for them to grasp at such a young age. This is especially true for our firstborn.

Mav is three (until tomorrow 10/05) and was always used to getting tons of attention. The night before Rhett's birthday I took him to the dollar store to pick out a few gifts for his brother. I wanted to use this as a teaching moment and had already braced myself for what I knew was going to be a massive fit.

Of course Maverick wanted to buy something for himself as well, but to my surprise he did super well when I explained that "tomorrow" was a special day for Rhett and that we need to celebrate him. I told him that if he was kind, Rhett would share the new toys with him. Reminded him that his special day will be in a week. Okay I also bribed him with some sugar, but hey no fits or further asking and for that I say - a win.

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However, the morning of Rhett’s birthday I filled our front room with balloons and started singing Happy Birthday to him as he woke up and came downstairs. Maverick cried and started to throw a fit. He wanted to feel special too. I get it, but I was upset that he was ruining Rhett’s moment. I quickly (and not so sweetly) made him go to the other room.

I wanted Everett to know today was about him. It's been tough for him lately. The middle child syndrome is a thing for a reason. Maverick Is getting a lot of new attention with preschool and sports. The baby is always attached to me (in fact he’s nursing right now). I just wanted Rhett to feel special.

Ryan talked with Mav and shortly after, something clicked. He came back in sweet as could be, sang to Rhett and then the two kicked off the day with a sprinkled donut.

Maverick played back seat the rest of the day and did everything he could to make Rhett feel special. He drew pictures and taped them around the house, let him go first in all the games and even used his quarters to buy Rhett bouncy balls from Little Caesers -- because of course that was Rhett’s dinner of choice. Pizza.

It really is a wonderful moment, as a parent, to see your kids growing into good people. Mav is growing up and maturing so quickly. He’s our challenging child. We all have one. Lately however he has been a breeze.

Now to Rhett’s turn for Mav’s birthday tomorrow. Next weekend I’ll put together a video of their Dinosaur party.

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