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Brie and Baby Three: A letter to my firstborn on your first day of school

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Posted at 8:59 AM, Sep 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-21 16:04:26-05

A letter to my firstborn on your first day of school.

We’ve been talking about it for months and tomorrow you start a new adventure. One so big you cannot possibly imagine.
It’s the start of lifelong friendships and concrete memories. There will be so much change and growth, shaping your beliefs and passions.

We’ve talked about all the awesome things you’ll get to do in preschool, all the friends you’ll meet. We’ve talked about how kind you will be and how much you will learn. When you get home you’ll have so many stories and new stuff to teach your brothers.
We’ve talked about how you will love it there. Maybe you won’t even miss mommy.
But as much as we’ve talked...
As I walk you into that building tomorrow, a chapter closes. Your baby years, they’re behind us and I’m struggling with that tonight.

That sweet baby boy that wouldn’t leave my chest for the first two months of his life. The one who taught me how very hard it is to be a mom, but who unlocked a love so deep I never knew it existed.
You taught me that sleep can wait and made me that person who gushes over a first tooth.
Because of you I’ve learned that emotional tantrums don’t just come from toddlers. You’ve taught me a new level of patience, courage and strength. Oh The love I have gained from our endless adventures.
How will I be a monster truck, T-Rex while you’re at school?

Maverick you love fiercely and care for others deeply. As we close this chapter we start a new one together. Just as we have started everything together.
I know change is hard for you. The unknowns of tomorrow scare you. That’s okay. They scare me too. But as I lay here tonight, I pray that God gives us both strength to be brave tomorrow. I ask that God guards your precious heart.
If you should see a tear fall it’s not because I am worried. It’s because I know how amazing you are and how lucky I am.

I will be awaiting your famous bear hug as that bell rings. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures and soak in those snuggles while you’re still my little boy.

Have the best first day ever Mav.


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