Brie and Baby Three: 31 week update - Mom needs a nap

Twin bell
Pregnant twins? Not.
Brie and Maverick
Posted at 8:27 AM, Mar 15, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — This has been the roughest week for me yet. The boys are both going through sleep regressions (molars and growing pains), which means no one in our house is getting sleep. They have been running fevers off and on, but are both on the mend!

I started off the week feeling faint at work. It may be lack of lung space or lack of sleep- because if you've ever been 30+ weeks... you get it. I go in at 3am and stand for the duration of my work day... oh the swelling. It could be low blood sugar or lack of nutrients (iron is usually my issue). It could just be baby Brick pressing on a nerve, but better safe than sorry.

When the dizziness and shaking didn't subside I contacted my nurses and went in for a blood panel. Waiting on those results so prayers are always welcome.

In the meantime, I got to celebrate my best friend's growing belly at her baby shower. This is her first and we finally get to have babies together!

Twin bell


· Trouble sleeping. My back and hips hurts, my belly is contracting, can’t find a comfortable position and oh the times I get up to pee.

· Shortness of breath. I have little room left for deep breaths which makes reading loudly for hours difficult. Maybe that's why I'm dizzy?

· Braxton Hicks contractions are in full force. Sometimes I'm in the midst of reading a script on air and boom, it takes the breath right out of me.

· Frequent urination. My bladder is crowded, almost as crowded as my lungs.

· Weight gain: They say I should be gaining about 20 pounds by now. With twins it's more like 27 to 40. Pretty sure there's another baby hiding in here.

  • Good news is this little nugget is moving like crazy so it provides some nice reassurance.
Brie and Maverick

Baby updates!

· Brick is awfully close to his or her birth height, but could still have 3-5 lbs to go (which means I could be looking at giving birth to a 10-pounder - yikes!)

· Brick is now processing information, tracking light and perceiving signals from all five senses. Baby can tastes, hear, see and feel. Brick will be able to recognize the smell of mama at birth.

· Baby's immune system is nearly ready to fight and prevent illness all on its own, but his brain and nervous system contue to develop.

· When not sleeping, Brick’s doing “practice drills” like breathing, swallowing, hiccuping and pedaling his feet. By pedaling his feet, I mean kicking my bladder and various nerves.

"People always say that pregnant women have a glow, and I say it’s because you’re sweating to death." —Jessica Simpson

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