Colorado opens grant for catalytic converter theft victims

Applications are open until March 31st, and funding is limited
Catalytic converter thefts continue in Pikes Peak Region
Posted at 6:26 AM, Mar 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-09 13:04:37-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — The Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority and state lawmakers created a financial aid program to help those who have had their catalytic converters stolen.

Don Jones is one of many across the state who have had their catalytic converter stolen from his truck.

“It’s about a $4500 dollar hit to me, out of my pocket, and it’s very inconvenient," said Jones.

He knew something was askew with his truck the moment he came back from a quick vacation.

“I came back from Arizona, came back to my truck, and immediately knew exactly what had happened. Cause the sound and vibrations… so I got out of my truck, got under my truck, and immediately saw somebody had cut both catalytic converters out of my truck," said Jones.

Jones details that he had an especially hard time
finding replacements for his catalytic converters. Under Colorado emissions law, the converters on his truck would not be legal to replace. This is because their age did not meet Colorado standards. He instead had to order parts from Texas, costing extra for an already expensive fix.

“If you don’t have transportation, and you have a job or you have things you have to get to, a doctor's appointment or whatever, you’re a victim, and it’s impacting you," said Jones.

Jones was able to get his truck fixed, but mentions how he had to cancel work in order to do so.

He's excited by the notion of the Catalytic Converter Theft Assistance program.

“The impact is multiplied, it’s multiple things that happen in an event like this”.

Drivers must meet the following criteria to qualify for relief:

  • Be the current registered owner through the Colorado Department of Revenue
  • Have a replacement installed by February 7 or later, or a replacement that has not been completed
  • Have a filed police report
  • Have insurance at the time of theft
  • Agree to have relevant repairs funded and supplied by the state program
  • Must not be involved in the theft of the catalytic converter

The application will remain open until March 31.

Assistance will be provided to vehicle owners that can have all repairs completed by June 1.

This program is a response to the continued trend of catalytic converter theft.

You can apply here.