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Zero tolerance traffic enforcement aims to prevent traffic deaths

Posted at 5:43 PM, Jul 05, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS — The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is honing in on roads that have seen the highest number of traffic deaths and complaints for a zero tolerance traffic enforcement policy.

That means if you're pulled over on one of the roads deputies are focusing on you will automatically get a ticket.

"No option but a ticket, zero tolerance for traffic violations in those areas," said El Paso County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Natalie Sosa.

There are eight total areas deputies are focused on, and Higby Road between Jackson Creek Parkway and Roller Coaster Road is at the top of the list. Deputies issued 25 moving violation tickets and made one DUI arrest in that area on July 3.

"The accidents we're seeing are speeding is a factor, drugs and alcohol is a factor and so this initiative really helps target those violations," Sosa added.

Another area on the list is Colorado Avenue from Columbia Road to 31st Street.

On Friday morning, Colorado Springs Police said a car plowed into a 7-Eleven near the intersection of 30th Street and West Colorado Avenue, destroying two storefront windows.

"Pretty crazy," said Nick Allen, who stopped at the gas station.
"We just pulled up and just to get some gas and noticed that the window was all busted out."

Allen says he's seen violations happen in this area, in the form of road rage.

"My wife was driving and we were in the left lane, the guy tried to get up on tailgate her basically and she slowed down to the speed limit," he described of an incident that had happened in the area earlier that afternoon.
"He got around and slammed on the brakes and she almost ran into the back of her. And it was just unnecessary."

Allen says he's all for added patrols.

"If there was more patrol around here, it'd be less likely to be more road rage and accidents."

The zero tolerance policy will be in effect through September 1.

A complete list of the enforcement areas is on the Sheriff's Office website.