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You Can Now Buy Disney’s Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwiches Outside The Parks

You Can Now Buy Disney’s Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwiches Outside The Parks
Posted at 8:29 AM, Jan 20, 2020

Disney parks are known primarily for their awesome rides and immersive character experiences. But dedicated Disney-goers get just as excited for their magical food offerings, which can typically only be found within specific sections of the various parks.

But now, a park classic is finally going to be available outside of Disney. Mickey Mouse Cookies ‘n Cream Sandwiches (ice cream cookie sandwiches in that iconic Mickey shape) are coming to a grocery store near you.

These ice cream sandwiches have a soft chocolatey exterior and are filled with yummy cookies-and-cream-flavored ice cream. Made with light ice cream, the sweet treat clocks in at only 180 calories, making it the perfect snack for calorie-conscious Disney fans. Until now, you could only find these Mickey Mouse Cookies ‘n Cream Sandwiches inside Disney parks, but they can soon be found nationwide in your grocery store’s freezer section.

In fact, some have already spotted them. Instagrammer @andventureisout_there, for example, snapped a shot of the Mickey Mouse Cookies ‘n Cream Sandwiches at Ralph’s, a supermarket chain in Southern California:

The ice cream sandwiches you’ll find in your local grocery store are a bit smaller than the original 5-ounce ice cream sandwiches you get in the park. Here’s a shot of the original from Instagrammer @magical.days.ahead:

The grocery store version will only be around 3.5 ounces, and a box of 6 will cost about $10. Inside the Disney parks, a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich costs around $5.69.

Although it’s rare for Disney to “open the vault” when it comes to their theme park treats, they have shared their ice cream specialties across America before. Last year, they unveiled their Disney Mickey Ice Cream Bar, which is an ice cream pop shaped like Mickey. With a crunchy chocolate shell and creamy vanilla ice cream in the center, it’s a crowd favorite beloved by kids and adults alike.


That rollout must have been quite successful, as 2020 now brings us the Mickey Mouse Cookies ‘n Cream Sandwiches. Let’s hope this trend continues and Disney starts to spread even more Mickey magic across the nation — and into our bellies!

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