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Pueblo meat shop owner gets help from those he used to coach

Posted at 9:03 AM, Mar 24, 2020

PUEBLO — A mom and pop shop in Pueblo is being overwhelmed with orders the past two weeks because of COVID-19.

"Up until last week, we were one of Pueblo's best-kept secrets and with our new situation that our community has gotten into, our business has been found," said Ernie Meyer, the owner of Bay's Meat Market.

Meyer said his shop has been the busiest it has ever been in five years. The shop has had to fill 75 orders a day for the past two weeks and with the growing demand, Bay's Meat Market received some help from those Meyer used to coach.

"What you see behind me here is some kids, some young men now, that I was able to coach when they were younger and when they got out of school or they got sent home from school, they were able to come help us out if you will," Meyer said.

One of the boys Meyer coached said he got a text from him.

"I didn't turn it down, didn't want to turn it down" Tyler Declusin said. He said they have all helped cut and package meat to have orders ready.

"We prepared everything, so just been a really really busy job and you know it helps us stay busy also," he said.

Meyer said watching the young men step in and want to help has been rewarding.

"To see these guys since they were just little boys throwing around a baseball to turning into excellent young men that want to help, that's pretty special to watch these guys grow up," Meyer said.