Hot with a better chance for storms later today

Colorado City Sunset
Posted at 5:33 AM, Aug 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-26 08:56:08-04

Today’s Forecast:
Hot but with less smoke across southern Colorado and a chance for rain in the afternoon. We're going to see showers and storms form over the mountains in the early afternoon and drift east into the I-25 corridor through the end of the day. Storms will not survive very long as they move east of I-25.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High: 91; Low: 60. Hot and still a bit hazy with showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon through the early evening. Storms should not be severe.

PUEBLO: High: 98; Low: 62. Hot and a bit hazy off to the mountains with a chance for spotty and isolated thunderstorms around the end of the day. Storms could easily split around Pueblo and miss the city, but let's hope for rain.

CANON CITY: High: 95; Low: 65. Hot and hazy with afternoon showers and thunderstorms likely. Severe weather is not expected.

WOODLAND PARK: High: 82; Low: 52. Warm and smoky with showers and storms moving through in the afternoon. Severe weather is not expected.

TRI-LAKES: High: 80s; Low: 50s. Hot and hazy before showers and thunderstorms that show up in the afternoon and leave by the early evening.

PLAINS: High: 90/100s; Low: 60s. A few stray storms could wander east of El Paso and Pueblo Counties, but most of the region will stay hot and dry today and tonight.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High: 90s; Low: 60s. Scattered storms in the afternoon and early evening with hot and slightly hazy skies.

Extended Outlook:
We'll be hot and dry on Thursday other than a stray storm over the mountains. A strong cold front slices through the state on Friday and we'll see a good chance for storms in the afternoon and evening. There should be more storms on Saturday with continued cool temperatures. Next week looks drier but with mild temperatures.