Evening showers will impact most of southeastern Colorado

Evening showers will impact most of southeastern Colorado
Posted at 7:53 PM, Jun 30, 2024

Tonight's Forecast:
There will be plenty of moisture in the atmosphere for afternoon and evening showers to start popping up. Higher elevations could also see a quick storm. Lows tonight will dip down into the lower 60s, and some could get colder than that. Tomorrow's highs will be in the upper 80s and low 90s. Thunderstorms will be possible tomorrow afternoon.

Colorado Springs forecast: Low: 62; High: 86;
Tonight, we will have showers until the midnight hour. Afterwards we should be left with some periodic clouds. Lows will be around 62 degrees and the highs tomorrow will be around 86 degrees. Showers will be possible Monday afternoon.

Pueblo forecast: Low: 66; High: 92;
Another night with showers and thunderstorms moving across the SE plains. Lows will dip down into the mid 60s while highs tomorrow will be in the low 90s. Thunderstorms will also be possible tomorrow afternoon.

Canon City forecast: Low: 63; High: 88;
Seasonal temperatures will be with us for tonight with lows in the lower 60s. Stray showers are possible tonight but will be clear by tomorrow morning. Highs tomorrow will be in the upper 80s. Thunderstorms will move over the mountains tomorrow afternoon.

Woodland Park forecast: Low: 53; High: 74;
Spotty showers will be possible this evening but should clear out overnight. Lows tonight will be in the low 50s and highs tomorrow will be in the mid 70s. Showers will be possible through the afternoon and into the evening.

Tri-Lakes forecast: Low: 59; High: 82;
Showers will be possible until midnight, but we should be clear afterwards. Lows tonight will dip into the upper 50s. Highs tomorrow will be in the lower 80s. Morning commutes should be clear, and we won't see showers until the afternoon hours.

Plains forecast: Low: Upper 60s/Low 70s; High: Upper 90s;
The plains got some relief from the heat today, but that won't be the same story for tomorrow. Lows tonight will be in the upper 60s. Highs tomorrow will be in the upper 90s and some could see triple digits. Showers will be possible again tomorrow afternoon and into the evening.

Walsenburg and Trinidad forecast: Low: 63/65; High: 86/90;
Showers continue to move into the area throughout the rest of the evening with a few breaks. Some storms could be stronger than others, with heavy rainfall and gusty winds being the primary threat. Tomorrow, we will have another chance for storms in the afternoon.

Mountains forecast: Low: Mid 50s; High: Mid 70s;
The mountains will see comfortable temperatures tonight and especially tomorrow. Showers will be possible throughout most of the day, but mainly in the afternoon. Don't be surprised if there are a few heavier showers in the mountain regions tomorrow.

Extended outlook forecast:
For the upcoming week, we will have shower chances in the evenings. Plenty of moisture will be available for storms to get going. Once we hit Wednesday, however, the atmosphere will give us a little break from the rain.

4th of July will be a beautiful day with clear skies. You will want to pack sunscreen if you plan on going out, especially in the higher terrain. With not as many clouds, it will be easier to burn. There is a marginal risk for fire danger so please try to avoid any fires or fireworks! (Drone shows are pretty cool too!)


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