Cooler and breezy today before a quick warm up over the weekend

First sunset of 2020 over Colorado Springs
Posted at 5:40 AM, Jan 02, 2020

Today’s Forecast:
Cooler today across southern Colorado from a cold front that passed through the region overnight. We'll see a mix of sun and cloud cover during the first half of the day, with sunnier skies by the end of the afternoon. The winds will stay breezy today, but with most wind gusts staying at or under 20 mph.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High: 43; Low: 16. Partly sunny with breezy, cool, and dry weather.

PUEBLO: High: 49; Low: 12. Partly cloudy with breezy, mild, and dry conditions.

CANON CITY: High: 46; Low: 19. Partly cloudy with breezy, mild, and dry conditions.

WOODLAND PARK: High: 34; Low: 9. Partly sunny with light winds and chilly daytime temperatures.

TRI-LAKES: High: 30s; Low: 10s. Partly sunny with breezy and cool weather

PLAINS: High: 40s; Low: 10s. Partly cloudy with breezy, mild, and dry conditions.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High: 30/40s; Low: 10s. Partly cloudy, breezy, and dry with mild weather.

Extended Outlook:
Clear skies and light winds overnight will allow for temperatures to fall into the teens and single digits across the region by Friday morning. Friday will feature similar high temperatures to today, but with mostly sunny skies and light winds. The weekend looks amazing on Saturday with highs back into the 50s and 60s on Saturday, before falling to the 40s and 50s on Sunday. We'll see more wind through Monday with cooler air but no rain or snow chances over the extended forecast.