A little cooler with a little less smoke today

Smoky and haze Colorado Springs Prospect Lake
Posted at 5:52 AM, Aug 10, 2021

Today’s Forecast:
Hot and hazy today across southern Colorado... but not as much as what we've seen over the last few days. Jet stream winds will keep some of the heaviest smoke up in northern Colorado today and then east out into Denver and Sterling. Here at home there will be some clearing in smoke from the San Luis Valley out to the east in southern El Paso and northern Pueblo counties.

We should stay pretty dry today but weak energy could drop some virga across El Paso County and a few storms are possible east near Kiowa, Cheyenne, and Kit Carson counties.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High: 90; Low: 60. Hot and hazy today with breezy daytime conditions. Virga is possible across town today with strong gusty winds possible, but no rain is expected to make it to the ground.

PUEBLO: High: 96; Low: 63. Hot, dry, hazy, and breezy today through the afternoon.

CANON CITY: High: 92; Low: 64. Hot and dry today with breezy and hazy daytime conditions.

WOODLAND PARK: High: 79; Low: 54. Warm and hazy today with a chance for virga and gusty winds in the afternoon, but dry skies are expected.

TRI-LAKES: High: 80s; Low: 50s. Warm and hazy with virga and gusty winds through the afternoon and end of the day.

PLAINS: High: 90s; Low: 60s. Hot and hazy with dry skies and a few thunderstorms north of highway 50 in Kiowa, Cheyenne, Kit Caron, and Lincoln counties.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High: 90s; Low: 50s. Hot and dry today with less smoke compared to the last few days.

MOUNTAINS: High: 80s; Low: 50s. Hot and hazy over the mountains with dry skies across the region. We'll see less smoke today compared to the last few days, but it'll still be smoky and hazy through the day.

Extended Outlook:
Wednesday will be hot with a little less smoke across the region. We could see scattered storms in the mountains on Thursday, but the stormiest weather is actually expected from Friday through the weekend. Storms would start in the mountains over the weekend and drift east through the plains.

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