More snow arrives tonight through Tuesday

Posted at 4:00 PM, Feb 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-18 19:29:13-05

Snow returns later today and tonight:
We’ve had some lingering flurries today, but snow becomes heavier and more abundant overnight. The southern mountains will first start seeing snow late this evening, followed by the I-25 corridor and plains tonight. Snow will be focused on the overnight hours and models have been trying to develop some heavier bands.  Locations that have one of these bands develop overhead will likely have the highest snow totals. Below is a detailed forecast of the snow expectations tonight through Tuesday morning.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Tonight – 4; Tuesday – 14. Snow arrives tonight and continues through early Tuesday morning. Additional snow tonight should range from 2 to 4 inches across the city, with more snow on the central and south side of town. Caution: If we get strong banding we could see localized totals exceeding 4″ by morning.

PUEBLO: Tonight – 6; Tuesday – 19. Snow really returns tonight and snows off and on through the early morning hours of Tuesday. The heaviest snow will likely set up north of town, so commutes to Colorado Springs Tuesday morning could be slick and slow. We’re expecting 1 to 3 inches by Tuesday morning.

CANON CITY: Tonight – 7; Tuesday – 23. Snow arrives to western Fremont county and the mountain terrain this evening and snows through early Tuesday morning. Canon City will see snow topnight into Tuesday morning. 2 to 4 inches are expected but higher totals west along highway 50 to Salida should be expected. Highest totals will be where heavier bands set up.

WOODLAND PARK: Tonight – 0; Tuesday – 20. Light snow returns this evening, ending a few hours after midnight. Not much snow is expected through Woodland Park and most of Teller county, and we’re thinking a wide range of a dusting to 3 inches with the highest totals in the southern part of the county.

TRI-LAKES: Tonight – 0; Tuesday – 10’s. Light snow returns tonight, but unlike most storms, Monument Hill and the Tri Lakes will likely see less snowfall than a majority of Colorado Springs. Snow will be around this evening and overnight, but the heaviest of the snow should stay south of the Palmer Divide. Dusting to 3 inches by morning, decreasing the further north you are. Still expect some extra time on the drive to Denver.

PLAINS: Tonight – 0’s; Tuesday – 20’s. Light snow to a dusting awaits most of the plains tonight, especially for areas along and south of highway 50. La Junta to highway 160 south of town will probably see a mix of nothing to a dusting, while Crowley and Kiowa counties have a better chance of seeing 2 or more inches. Like everywhere else, snow will arrive tonight and end through Tuesday morning.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Tonight – 0’s; Tuesday – 20’s. Heavy snow through the southern mountains will start later this afternoon,. Decent snowfall will also been seen through the San Luis Valley, as well as the Wet mountain valley. Snow totals for Trinidad have trended south due to dry, down sloping winds, and as of now we’re thinking just a dusting to 2 inches are likely through Tuesday morning.

Once the snow stops falling Tuesday morning, the majority of the day will be dry, with the possible return of scattered sunshine! Temperatures will remain very cold Tuesday with highs in the teens and low 20s at best. We are now tracking the chance for light snow Tuesday evening into the early hours of Wednesday morning. This could add another inch or so of snow. Expect back roads and side streets to stay snow packed and icy through the Wednesday morning commute. Temperatures improve into the 30’s and 40’s for the rest of the week with the next chance for snow holding off until later Friday into Saturday.