Sunday Evening Forecast…Tony-the-Tiger weather, through Thanksgiving!

Posted at 3:41 PM, Nov 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-18 17:41:24-05

Forecast: It doesn’t much more quiet than this, so there’s that to be thankful for through Thanksgiving. A large sprawling High pressure center over Utah will drift to southern Colorado over the next 3-5 days, and brings sunny days and clear (cold) nights. Cold at night, because clear skies and light winds in dry air means those daily highs cool off quickly in the evenings.

The only chance for precip through next Sunday is a storm front with a pair of fronts swinging through, on Saturday. It doesn’t appear to have much moisture on computer model simulations, and old shaves back highs thereafter. But travel before and after Thanksgiving looks fine, and a Tony-the-Tiger stretch of “Grrrrreat” weather is on the way!

Warming up…

COLORADO SPRINGS: Low – 22, High – 48. Clear, starry skies, cold tonight. Sunny and a bit warmer Monday.

PUEBLO: Low – 19, High – 52. Clear skies, cold temps tonight. Sunny, warmer Monday.

WOODLAND PARK: Low – 16, High – 40. Clear and chillsville tonight. Sunny and a bit warmer Monday.

TRI-LAKES: Low – 18, High – 43.  Clear and cold tonight. Sunny, warmer Monday.

PLAINS: Low – 22, High – 53.  Clear skies and cold temps tonight. Sunny and warmer Monday.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Low – 20, High – 49.  Starry and cold tonight. Sunny and a bit warmer Monday.

EXTENDED OUTLOOK: Sunny days and clear nights, into Thanksgiving, with rapidly warming highs, towards 60F Tuesday, and well into the 60s Wednesday & Turkey day.