Tuesday Forecast: The warm up begins!

Posted at 5:50 AM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 08:50:45-05

Today’s Forecast:
The coldest temperatures of the night occurred right around midnight, but some early morning clouds have helped to push temperatures back into the teens and 20s to start the morning. Today will be the start of a multi day warm up with the end of the week projected to be into the 60s! Sunshine will come back strong through the afternoon and help to push highs back into the mid 40s across most of the lower elevations, and upper 30s through the mountains.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High – 44; Low – 23. Some morning clouds are followed with afternoon sunshine and plenty of snow melt under warmer air.

PUEBLO: High – 47; Low – 20. Light clouds in the morning with full sunshine through much of the day. Expect most of the snow to melt with highs in the upper 40s

CANON CITY: High – 45; Low – 25. Light clouds through the morning with mostly sunny skies into the rest of the day. Expect plenty of snow melt with highs in the mid 40s.

WOODLAND PARK: High – 38; Low – 19. Lots of sunshine through the afternoon with decent snow melt and highs into the upper 30s.

TRI-LAKES: High – 30s; Low – 10s. Morning clouds will be replaced with afternoon sunshine and plenty of snow melt as highs warm into the upper 30s.

PLAINS: High – 40s; Low – 20s. Mostly sunny skies through the whole day with what little snow fell melting under highs in the mid 40s.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High – 30/40s; Low – 20s. Plenty of sunshine today, especially through the afternoon with good snow melt as highs warm to the upper 30s and low 40s.

Temperatures will continue to warm through the week with highs into the upper 50s tomorrow in Colorado Springs and then the low 60s for Thursday and Friday! I would hold off on washing your car until Thursday as we’ll still see snow melt through Wednesday under the sunshine and warm air. There is a small chance for snow on Saturday following a cold front that will put highs back in the 30s and 40s. As of now the snow looks to have minimal accumulation with most of the moisture falling north of the Palmer Divide.