Saturday Evening Forecast…The Orionids are coming!

Posted at 3:31 PM, Oct 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-20 19:57:49-04

Because the weather is so clear and quiet, I thought I’d encourage you to get out after Midnight until dawn, sometime, and look in the southern skies, for the Orionid Meteor shower…annual event with about 15 per hour. Goes without saying that, meteor showers are named after the constellation from which they appear to emanate from. if you’re up to it, you have to get out tonight or Sunday night.

Peaks Tonight & Sunday Night

Skies will be clear for such, and stay so by day too, through Monday. A dying Tropical Storm in the eastern Pacific will push into northern Mexico, and push moisture that has been suppressed south for now, back up into eastern Colorado Tuesday into Wednesday, then departing. That’s our only realistic rain chance this coming week.

Otherwise, it is mild/warm, and dry.

Colorado Springs: Low: 37, High: 72. Clear and chilly tonight. Sunny and warm Sunday.

Pueblo: Low: 33, High: 77. Clear and frosty tonight. Sunny and warm Sunday.

Canon City: Low: 36, High: 74. Clear and chilly tonight. Delightful Sunday.

Woodland Park: Low:30, High: 62. Clear and cold tonight. Sunny and warm Sunday.

Tri-Lakes: Low: 33, High: 66. Starry and frosty tonight. Sunny and warm Sunday.

The Plains: Low: 38, High: 75. Clear and chillsville tonight. Dandy, Sunday.

Trinidad/Walsenburg: Low: 34, High: 73. Starry skies, chilly tonight. Sunny and warm Sunday.

Extended Outlook…The only realistic rain chance is with increasing clouds early Tuesday, which decrease later Wednesday. Rain chances increase south, first (Trinidad/Walsenburg/etc) Tuesday afternoon…not till at night Colorado Springs. Ends west to east, later Wednesday morning along I-25, and early afternoon for the Plains.