Friday Evening Forecast…Keep the sun, add the heat

Posted at 3:39 PM, Sep 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-28 21:34:55-04

Dry weather stays, through Monday. In fact, basically clear skies. But after a very autumnal Friday, temperatures soar again into the 80s, both weekend days. And there’s no mechanism for getting more cold air into Colorado any time soon. The flow aloft, is turning more southwest, which of course, cuts off any outbreaks of colder Canadian air. It also means that we regain some down-sloping effect, this time from the San Juans and Sangre DeCristos, etc.

But, it leads to an interesting next best rain chance…involving “Rosa”, which I talk more about, below, in the “Extended Outlook” portion.

Colorado Springs: Low: 40, High: 84. Clear evening, cloudy overnight. Cloudy early, then sunny & becoming much warmer.

Pueblo: Low: 37, High: 87. Tonight, clear evening, cloud overnight…and cool. Friday, cloudy early, then sunny & warm.

Canon City: Low: 41, High: 86. Clear tonight. Sunny & warmer tomorrow.

Woodland Park: Low: 42, High: 73. Clear and cool tonight. Sunny, mild Saturday.

Tri-Lakes: Low: 40, High: 80. Clear and cool tonight. Early clouds, Saturday, then sunny Saturday.

The Plains: Low: 38, High: 88. Clouding up, tonight…chilly. Cloudy Saturday morning, but sunny and rapidly warming up by Noon.

Trinidad/Walsenburg: Low: 42, High: 84. Clear evening, clouds late. Becoming sunny and warmer Saturday.

Extended Outlook…Later Tuesday through Wednesday, a good opportunity for rain. A hurricane off the coast of Mexico is drifting slowly northward. Meanwhile, an ocean storm in the Pacific will be approaching the Left Coast in a few days, which appears to scoop the hurricane and push it north then eastward, ahead of the ocean storm, itself. It’s not something to fear, because it would take a similar path to “Bud”, which would wring out it’s moisture…mostly on the southern and western Colorado Mountains, and we’d get beneficial rains in the “mountain shadowed” Plains.