Friday Evening Forecast…cool night ahead, Fall arrives Saturday

Posted at 3:14 PM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 23:05:37-04

We head in to a brand new season, Saturday, starting at 9:54PM.

With the presence of High Pressure, and where it is located (to our northeast), the winds circulate out of a cool direction, and with skies being clear tonight, expect cool readings! Temperatures will warm up a lot Saturday afternoon, but it is Sunday before hitting the 80s again, so while I could say, “chili tonight, hot tomale” (in honor of the Chili Fest in Pueblo), it’s a little early….to call tomorrow a “hot tomale”. Sunday works better for that!\

Meanwhile, no rain is anticipated until Tuesday evening, at the earliest.

Colorado Springs: Low: 45, High: 80. Clear and chilly tonight. Sunny & becoming warmer tomorrow.

Pueblo: Low: 48, High: 85. Tonight, clear and cool. Sunny & becoming much warmer Saturday.

Canon City: Low: 49, High: 83. Clear and cool tonight. Sunny & becoming warmer tomorrow.

Woodland Park: Low: 40, High: 72. Clear and chilly tonight! Sunny & becoming warmer tomorrow.

Tri-Lakes: Low: 43, High: 77. Clear and chillsville tonight. Sunny & becoming warmer tomorrow.

The Plains: Low: 49, High: 87. Clear & cool tonight. Sunny & becoming much warmer tomorrow.

Trinidad/Walsenburg: Low: 50, High: 82. Clear and cool tonight. Sunny & becoming warmer Saturday.

Extended Outlook…So, my thinking is that, another cold front brings cooler air, in waves, starting Monday evening, through Wednesday afternoon…and because I believe the tail end of the front…which does frequently lolly-gag behind the leading edge, gets hung up in the mountains, an upslope will develop so much, that later Tuesday through most of Wednesday will be unsettled. We will see…