Saturday Evening Forecast, Roasty Toasty till further notice!

Posted at 3:28 PM, Sep 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-15 20:53:44-04

Hot and dry weather continues, ad-infinitum. A large ridge aloft, blocking the jet from getting anywhere south near us, dominates the pattern. It will weaken from a series of cool fronts across the US/Canadian border, and by the time we get to Thursday, a front may be able to crack it, bringing some brief relief, Thursday and Friday. But, it doesn’t appear long-lived, because like “whack a mole”, it will bubble right back up again next weekend!

Little or no rain in site, still.

Colorado Springs: Low: 55, High: 89. Clear tonight. Mostly sunny, hot Sunday.

Pueblo: Low: 54, High: 96. Clear tonight. Sunny Sunday, hot and dry.

Canon City: Low: 55, High: 93. Clear tonight. Mostly sunny Sunday, hot & dry.

Woodland Park: Low: 50, High: 80. Clear tonight. Mostly sunny Sunday, warm.

Tri-Lakes: Low: 52, High: 87. Clear tonight. Mostly sunny Sunday, hot.

The Plains: Low: 60, High: 99. Clear tonight. Mostly sunny Sunday, hot.

Trinidad/Walsenburg: Low: 58, High: 92. Clear tonight. Mostly sunny Sunday, hot.

Extended Outlook…Warm/hot and dry through Wednesday, no relief until calendar Autumn! Which, by the way, is a week away. And no rain in site, still. It is just as possible that we stay rain-free until near the end of the month, as it is a isolated storm breaks through before then…so this is as dry as it gets.