Monday Forecast: Picture perfect weather

Posted at 5:32 AM, Aug 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 15:12:05-04

Today’s Forecast:
The forecast is simply beautiful today, so be sure and enjoy it before the rain returns tomorrow! We’ll see dry and sunny skies for your Monday with perfect summer temperatures and low humidity. The breeze will be a bit stronger this afternoon, but that will only help to keep us cool through the end of the day. Tonight we’ll see clear skies and chilly temperatures as lows fall back into the mid 50s.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High – 83; Low – 55. Sunny skies with just a few afternoon clouds mainly over the mountains. We’ll stay dry in the Springs with a 10 to 15 mph breeze in the afternoon.

PUEBLO: High – 90; Low – 59. Sunny skies and a little more heat through the afternoon in Pueblo. The breeze will pick up in the afternoon and we’ll stay dry.

CANON CITY: High – 88; Low – 59. Gorgeous, sunny and dry through Colorado Springs with a bit more of a light breeze through the afternoon.

WOODLAND PARK: High – 77; Low – 48. No rain today, just a few more afternoon clouds as the day goes on. The breeze will kick up a bit through the afternoon and it’ll be fairly cold tonight.

TRI-LAKES: High – 70s; Low – 50s. Near perfect today with gorgeous temperaures and dry, sunny skies. We’ll see a nice breeze through the afternoon and a chilly night tonight.

PLAINS: High – 80s/90s; Low – 60s. A near pefect summer day in the plains with good heat and mostly dry skies. An upper level low could spin in a few afternoon showers and thunderstorms out towards the eastern border, but any rain out there would be quite spotty.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High – 80s; Low – 50s. Dry and beautiful today with plenty of sunshine and a nice breeze through the afternoon.

Monsoon moisture makes a come back starting Tuesday… and rain chances stick around through the weekend. As of now Tuesday looks like just a day for general thunderstorms, but Wednesday we’ll start watching for severe chances. Temperatures will stay steady through the week.