Saturday Evening Forecast…super duper Sunday

Posted at 3:53 PM, Aug 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-12 00:28:26-04

All quiet on the western front, through Tuesday…with a docile bubble of high pressure dominating the region.

These anticyclones bring dry, descending air that suppresses cloud development (much less, storms.) They also typically bring cool nights and warm days, with generally light winds.

Only as this high, or anticyclone, moves off to the east Tuesday, does the return flow around it encourage enough moisture to merit thinking about a PM thunderstorm thereafter. Until then, enjoy the quiet moments!

Colorado Springs; Low: 52, Hi: 83.  Clear tonight, sunny Sunday.

Pueblo; Low: 54, Hi: 89.  Clear tonight, sunny Sunday.

Canon City; Low: 55, Hi: 88.  Clear tonight, sunny Sunday.

Woodland Park; Low: 47, Hi: 75.  Clear tonight, sunny Sunday.

Plains; Low: 59, Hi: 90.  Clear tonight, sunny Sunday

Walsenburg/Trinidad; Low: 56, Hi: 86.  Clear tonight, sunny Sunday.

Extended Outlook…no rain threat until Tuesday at the earliest…and that, for the Kansas border, New Mexico border. The moisture returns to enough of a degree, that Wednesday through Friday, I have a percentage in, for chances for PM thunder.