Monday Evening Forecast…drying out awhile

Posted at 12:40 PM, Jul 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-30 14:40:09-04

Tonight’s Forecast:
Behind last night’s cold front, which really dropped temperatures today, comes a surface high that…as it moves southeast from Montana and the Dakotas into eastern Colorado, will combine with an upper level high just to our south, to shut off the rain spigot awhile. There are very limited rain chances this week, mainly the southeast corner of Colorado, the next few late afternoons.

Temperatures will rapidly rebound, to the 80s and 90s by midweek.

All the while, it is worth noting, that a true "Monsoon season" set-up will be under construction. I suspect, within 10-12 days, we will be in the true monsoon rainy season here…probably going through the rest of the month of August.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Low – 52, High – 81. Clearing up this evening, clear and cool overnight! Sunny Tuesday, warmer.

PUEBLO: Low – 54, High – 88. Clearing up this evening, clear and cool overnight. Sunny Tuesday, definitely warmer.

CANON CITY: Low – 55, High – 84. Clearing up early and cool! Sunny Tuesday, warmer.

WOODLAND PARK: Low – 44, High – 73. Clearing up early, clear and cool overnight! Sunny Tuesday, not nearly so cool.

TRI-LAKES: Low – 48, High – 77. Clearing up tonight, clear and cool overnight! Sunny Tuesday, warmer.

PLAINS: Low – 55, High – 86. Mainly clear tonight, cool. Sunny Tuesday, significantly warmer.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Low – 55, High – 85. Clearing this evening, clear and cool overnight! Sunny Tuesday, warmer.

NEXT WEATHER MAKER: The rest of the week appears fair, warm & dry. One caveat, the southeastern corner of the State, which has T-storm chances Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons…and possibly beyond.


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