Weather Alert Day: Severe weather favors the plains today

Posted at 5:59 AM, Jul 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-29 07:59:41-04

Today’s Forecast:
Rain and thunderstorms are back in the forecast today, and while all storms today have the chance to be severe, not all of us will see bad storms. We’ll see rain start in the mountains west of I-25 and along the Palmer Divide anytime between 1 to 2pm today and then move east and southeast into the I-25 corridor and the plains. Strong upper level winds in the atmosphere will provide strong wind shear, will will be an important ingredient for severe weather later today and could result in wind gusts from storms that reach 70 or more mph, especially in the plains. Storms will be fast moving and quick later today, so if you see rain in the afternoon, it probably won’t last for too long.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High – 80; Low – 55. Storms start in the mountains west of the city and move towards the Springs around 2 to 3pm. A lot of modeling suggests storms will be pretty scattered across the city, so areas like downtown may miss rain entirely. Severe weather is possible in the city, but it’s more likely storms will stay stronger out east of the city towards eastern El Paso county. Strong winds and hail would be the main storm threats today. A second round of rain is possible through the overnight hours, some of this rain could be quite heavy.

PUEBLO: High – 89; Low – 60. Like Colorado Springs, storms could be strong to severe today in Pueblo and very fast moving. Timing on storms looks to be anytime between 3 to 4pm but they will move quickly to the southeast. Large hail and very strong winds are the biggest storm threats today. A second round of rain is possible through the overnight hours, some of this rain could be quite heavy.

CANON CITY: High – 85; Low – 61. Quick moving strong storms are likely this afternoon through Canon City, the most likely timing appears to be around 2 to 3pm before they move southeast away from the city. Strong winds and hail are the most likely threats from strong storms later today.

WOODLAND PARK: High – 75; Low – 48. Quick moving storms are likely in Woodland Park, but severe weather threats are fairly low in the area. Storms could produce some gusty winds and small hail, but the strongest storms are expected to stay much farther out east. A second round of rain is possible through the overnight hours, some of this rain could be heavy.

TRI-LAKES: High – 70s; Low – 50s. Quick moving strong to severe thunderstorms are expected later today. Storm timing looks to be between 1 to 2pm and then storms would move southeast away from the city. Strong winds are the biggest threats from storms with large hail a small possibility. A second round of rain is possible through the overnight hours, some of this rain could be quite heavy.

PLAINS: High – 80s; Low – 60s. Very strong to severe weather is expected later today through the plains, with storms move east and southeast through the area from I-25 and the Palmer Divide. Large hail up to 2 inches in diameter and wind gusts up to 70 or more mph are the biggest threats to watch for later this afternoon. Storms will move quickly today but flooding concerns stay high in Kiowa, Bent, Prowers and Baca counties today and then again tonight when more rain moves through.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High – 80s; Low – 50s. A few isolated storms are possible in the area later this afternoon, but most modeling steers any storms away to the east from the Walsenburg/Trinidad area. Tonight you stand a better chance of seeing a slower moving and soaking rain that could last into Monday morning.

Monday morning some showers and fog are possible but the afternoon just looks very cool and dry. This week will feature much drier weather compared to last week with only a few storm chances after Tuesday, and most of those favor the mountains.


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