Weather Alert Day: Severe storms most likely on the Palmer Divide and eastern plains

Posted at 11:03 AM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 13:03:29-04

Today’s Forecast:
Not much has changed in the forecast since the morning update but there are a few tweaks to tell you about. The best chance for severe weather still looks to be along the Palmer Divide and across the plains. There are two main starting points for storms: north of El Paso county on the Palmer Divide and south near the Raton Mesa through Las Animas county (more likely just around the Mesa). Storms will then generally spread east into the plains through the afternoon. Tonight a second round of rain and storms will pass through the area. Some of this could impact the Pikes Peak region, but the plains will probably grab the bulk of the rain.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High – 80; Low – 54. If storms move in this afternoon, they would most likely come in sometime after 3pm and favor the east and northeast sides of the city. Even though we can’t rule out severe weather over Colorado Springs, the best areas for large hail are not in the city limits but up near the Palmer Divide and across eastern El Paso county. There is a small chance tonight a few more storms could move through the city, but that chance looks pretty small.

PUEBLO: High – 90; Low – 59. Hot today but storms are possible this afternoon. If Pueblo does see storms, they likely won’s start over the city, they would move in from the west or south. Any storms that do move into Pueblo this afternoon could pack large hail and strong winds, but east and southeast Pueblo county is the most likely area to see any rain today.

CANON CITY: High – 85; Low – 58. Likely just warm and dry across Canon City as the best chance for storms remains north of the city in the higher terrain of Fremont county.

WOODLAND PARK: High – 72; Low – 46. Storms may spark early across Teller county and Woodland Park this afternoon with the timing back anytime after 2pm through 6pm. Lightning and small hail are the primary threats to watch out for if any storms move into the area.

TRI-LAKES: High – 70s; Low – 40s. The Tri-lakes area probably has the best chance for severe weather in our coverage area. Storms look to start north of the area around 1pm and then spread south shortly after. Severe weather will be most likely anytime after 2pm but especially east in areas along the Palmer Divide. Large hail and strong winds are the primary threat from storms later today.

PLAINS: High – 90s; Low – 50s. Severe storms are possible this afternoon with a larger area of heavy rain then expected through the overnight hours. Storms will like be strongest across the plains along and especially north of highway 50 this afternoon but several strong storms could also travel through Las Animas county. Tonight a second round of heavy rain is possible especially east of Lincoln, Crowley and Otero counties well past midnight.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High – 80s/90s; Low – 50s. Storms look like they could form around 1 to 2pm in the higher terrain areas, especially the Raton Mesa, and they spread east and become strong to severe. Storms at first could have heavy rain and some hail but they would likely become stronger as they move into the plains.

Some early morning rain may be left over by the Kansas border Wednesday but most of the area looks pretty dry with only a small chance for scattered storms along I-25 Wednesday afternoon. Thursday and Friday also look dry with bigger heat building into the forecast for Friday and Saturday.


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