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Tiramisu Oreos Are Coming In 2020

Tiramisu Oreos Are Coming In 2020
Posted at 11:00 AM, Jan 02, 2020

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New year, new Oreo flavor! 

Nabisco revealed that one of its forthcoming Oreo flavors is inspired by an iconic Italian dessert: tiramisu! There are a few different renditions of this classic dessert, but tiramisu often involves coffee-soaked ladyfingers layered with mascarpone cheese and flavored with cocoa. We’re interested to see how Oreo incorporates the flavor. 

Rumors of the new Oreo release started after an Instagram account, @thejunkfoodaisle, posted an image of the new packaging for the product last week. A publicist for Nabisco confirmed that the tiramisu-flavored Oreos will be released in April 2020 and available for a limited time.

The Oreos will be made with a tiramisu-flavored creme filling. From the looks of the package, though, there will be two layers of creme filling: regular and tiramisu.

But, if you’re a lover of the the coffee-flavored cake, you’ll probably be interested to know that Tiramisu Oreos aren’t an entirely new invention. In South Korea, Oreo Thins already come in a tiramisu flavor and if you can’t wait until the spring for the U.S debut, you can find the Oreo Thins version of the tiramisu cookies on Amazon.

Oreo fans, of course, know that the cookie is always spinning off new, exciting flavors.

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In 2019 alone, Oreo gave us plenty of highlights, putting spins on the classic cookie. We started the year with Most Stuf Oreos that really maximized the cream filling-to-wafer ratio, giving us a supersized Oreo. Then, along came a slew of new summertime flavors, including latte, pistachio, lemon and coconut. For fall, Oreo debuted maple creme cookies. 

Oreo also released a “mystery” flavor last fall that looked like a traditional Oreo cookie but that had a different flavored creme. The cookie maker challenged people to try and guess the flavor. Popular guesses included funnel cake, graham cracker and gingerbread. But the mystery flavor, which was announced in December, was actually churro.

And 2020 looks to be a strong year for Oreo releases already! This month, you can expect two new Oreo flavors in stores: Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut. In December, Nabisco announced they were coming through Oreo’s official Instagram page. So if you can’t wait until April to try a new flavor, whet your appetite with these!

“America’s Favorite Cookie” has definitely debuted some fun flavors in the past. We’re interested to see what other flavors Oreo will take on in 2020.


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