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‘The Nanny’ Musical Is In The Works

Posted at 5:29 AM, Jan 11, 2020

No celebration of ’90s sitcoms is complete without paying tribute to “The Nanny.” The comedy, which ran from 1993 to 1999, starred Fran Drescher as the lovable New York fashionista Fran Fine, who unexpectedly finds herself looking after the three children of a wealthy Broadway producer.

Now, fans of the show have another reason to celebrate: “The Nanny” is coming back. Following several months of speculation, the New York Times reported on Jan. 8 that Drescher is writing a musical adaptation with her ex-husband and co-creator of the sitcom, Peter Marc Jacobson.

Yes, it’s time to whip out the leopard print


But that’s not all. Rachel Bloom, creator and star of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” is working with Drescher to write the stage musical’s original score.

Bloom shared her exuberance on Twitter, writing, “So excited I can finally talk about this!”

Beyond Bloom’s involvement, we don’t have a lot of details right now (the cast is still undecided), but the New York Times says Drescher won’t be reprising her role as Fine for the musical.

So who will play “The Nanny”?

Cardi B is one name that’s been linked to a possible project for several months, and while Drescher told Michael Yo on his Sirius XM Radio show in April 2019 that she wasn’t developing a TV reboot of the original show, she did give hints about how she would approach the narrative if a reboot were to ever come to fruition.

“It might be more fun … to actually do the show with a whole new cast,” she said. “Get like a Cardi B to play the nanny and get like an Obama-type to play Mr. Sheffield and maybe I could be Cardi B’s mother, Sylvia. You know, and mix it up.”

And in September 2019, Drescher told Entertainment Tonight that she had met with the rapper’s people.

Whoever plays Fran Fine on the stage, “The Nanny” is sure to have all the heart of the original sitcom. When writing and producing the original show, Drescher drew heavily on her own experience of growing up in Queens, New York. In a 2017 interview with A Plus, Drescher said the show reflected her ethos on life.

“I think the global message of the show, for me, was always that it doesn’t matter what you look like or what you sound like, it’s what’s in your heart that counts,” she said. “I try and make that one of my credos in life, not to be quick to judge anybody but to listen to what’s in their heart.”

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