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Target May Offer Returns, Exchanges And Starbucks Orders In The Parking Lot

Target May Offer Returns, Exchanges And Starbucks Orders In The Parking Lot
Posted at 11:40 PM, Feb 23, 2022

Part of what makes a Target run so fun is browsing the aisles and leaving with more than you planned on buying, but if you’d rather complete the trip without leaving your car, your wish is about to come true.

While the retailer has been offering same-day pick-up services for a few years, it’s now expanding on the idea by testing two new features: product returns and Starbucks orders! Target will soon begin testing the option for shoppers to add a Starbucks order or make a return through Target’s free, contactless curbside service.

The whole process can take place through the Target app. Simply place an order for whatever you want to buy, or begin a return or exchange. When you’re heading over to Target, select “on my way” in the app and you will then have an option to add a Starbucks order.


Target will also be expanding its “backup item” option to include more products, so that if something in your Drive Up or Order Pickup is out of stock, you’ll have more choices for a replacement.

While the new Starbucks order and exchange functions are first being tested in select cities this fall, Target says it will be expanding to more locations in 2022 and beyond. You’ll be able to tell if your local Target has the option once you download the app and select your location.

A handful of other stores have also added free pick-up options in the last few years due to the pandemic. While many grocery stores offer the service, other non-essential stores do as well.

Kohl’s curbside pickup launched in April 2020, when Kohl’s stores were closed. While shoppers could still order products online to be shipped to their home, the pickup option meant not having to wait a few days for items to arrive.


Have you used any curbside pick-up services?

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