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Taco Bell’s Fan-Favorite Enchirito Will Return This Week

Taco Bell’s Fan-Favorite Enchirito Will Return This Week
Posted at 10:30 AM, Nov 14, 2022

The year is 1970. Elvis Presley visits President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office. The Apollo 13 spacecraft returns safely to Earth. The Beatles call it quits. And Taco Bell introduces the Enchirito.

The Mexican-inspired fusion remained on the menu for over four decades until the restaurant chain dropped it in 2013. But now, it’s making a comeback.

In September, Taco Bell announced it would briefly bring one past favorite back for a limited time. Customers were asked to vote for either the Enchirito or the Double Decker Taco using a unique in-app voting experience. The fans have spoken, and the Enchirito will return this week.

“This one’s all you, #TeamEnchirito,” tweeted @tacobell.

“On the heels of the love and passion we saw for Mexican Pizza, we wanted to continue elevating the voices of our most loyal fans by giving them exclusive access to a uniquely digital experience that fosters brand love,” Sean Tresvant, Taco Bell’s Chief Brand Officer, said in a press release about the vote for the favorite. “Nobody gets Taco Bell more than our community so we’re thrilled to empower them with this in-app voting experience that allows them to have a direct impact on our menu.”

The Enchirito consists of seasoned beef, beans and diced onions rolled up in a soft flour tortilla that is smothered with its classic red sauce and topped with melted shredded cheddar cheese. However, it doesn’t appear to include the black olives mentioned in a reply thread on the brand’s tweet.

If you’re craving this memorable meal, you might not want to wait too long. Although Taco Bell says that the Enchirito will return to restaurants on Nov. 17, they have not said how long it will remain.

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