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Sugar cookie M&Ms are coming out for the holidays

Sugar Cookie M&Ms Are Coming Out For The Holidays
Posted at 10:45 AM, Jul 15, 2020

Is it ever too soon to think about the holidays? With the way 2020 has been going, we could all use a little extra cheer. Luckily, Mars just announced a new M&Ms flavor for the 2020 holidays, and it sounds like a perfect match for the season.

One of the best things about the holidays is all of the cookies. And now, the candy geniuses at M&M’s discovered a way to have cookies and M&Ms at the same time — without having to actually bake anything — with this year’s holiday flavor: White Chocolate Sugar Cookie M&M’s!

The new flavor features a crispy center surrounded by a white-chocolate, sugar-cookie-flavored shell that’s decorated in the festive colors of the holiday season: green, red and white. According to an email from Mars, M&M’s maker, the new 2020 holiday flavor has “Christmas nostalgia in every bite and … serves as a gooey, no-bake treat and festive candy dish decor.”

M&M’s teased the new flavor announcement with a social media post in early July.

The White Chocolate Sugar Cookie M&M’s won’t be available on store shelves until November, but there is a way for some fans to get a sneak peek in the summertime!

On July 25, M&M’s will hold a social media contest on its official Twitter and Instagram pages. Winners of the contest will receive a pack of the new flavor to sample before anyone else. Think of it as an early holiday gift.

To enter for your chance to get your own bag of White Chocolate Sugar Cookie M&Ms, simply go to the M&M’s Twitter or Instagram page and comment on either contest post when they are posted on July 25. Winners will be drawn from comments left on the official contest posts.

Good luck, and happy holidays in July!

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