Widefield High School remembers beloved coach Steve Collier, and his two sons

Baseball Communities at Widefield ad Cheyenne Mountain
Becky Collier
Posted at 7:19 PM, May 30, 2021

EL PASO COUNTY — COLORADO SPRINGS- Baseball season has a different feel for one Colorado Springs Family. Becky Collier lost her husband Steve and two sons Mason and Josh, when they died in a car accident on their way to the World Series in Texas last year.

While revisiting Widefield's baseball field, the last place her husband last coached, she and her daughter Emily were able to honor all three men.

"The baseball field is where my husband could use all his gifts and talents. It's where he felt like a complete person," said Becky Collier.

Returning to his favorite spot brings back a lot of memories for the family.

"It was his happy place. It was home, to be honest."

When the trio never made it to Arlington, Texas, it rocked the community of Colorado Springs.

"I remember almost dropping to my knees and saying there' s no way this could be. Then I got a phone call. Have you heard the news" said Jeremy Estrema.

Jeremy only coached alongside Steve for a short time, but his presence left a lasting impact not only on him but the kids at Widefield High School.

"He liked winning, but winning wasn't everything. He wanted to develop the kids and allow them to play. He would put them in positions that probably other coaches wouldn't because he believed in the kids."

Steve's passion for helping others crossed from coaching into his nearly three decades at the post office as a union steward.

"Where his strong lines of right and wrong were on the field, they were also in his work life as well, trying to stand up for the rights of his fellow postal workers," said Becky.

In just a week, baseball communities where her youngest Josh played and her husband last coached have gathered to honor their lives and the memories made with those who knew them.

"One of the things I love is when I hear a story from a coach or a player that's consistent with another coach's story. It just tells me that all my guys, all of them were who they were wherever they went."