Vibes face potential contraction Wednesday

Posted at 10:53 PM, Apr 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-22 01:09:28-04

It appears the fate of the Rocky Mountain Vibes could be made official tomorrow and will that mean their end in affiliated baseball?

Several sources reported Tuesday that Major and Minor League baseball will agree on a proposal to cut affiliated teams down from 160 to 120 total. The restructuring of the sport will keep four full-season farm clubs and one rookie-level team per organization.

One of the franchises previously mentioned in November's contraction discussions is the Vibes. News 5 Sports reached out to President and General Manager Chris Phillips, who said he won't comment on the matter until he gets clarification from the minor league's executive members.

In an official statement sent out mid-afternoon, the league has called the reports "largely inaccurate" and stated that "no agreements on contraction have happened at this time."

An Associated Press source added that potential contracted teams could be granted provisional licenses if their parent club wishes to obtain them and provides improvements to their ballparks and current operating conditions.

Part of the compromise between both parties will also include a reduction in draft picks and an increase in player salaries.

A sign of our current times, both the MLB and MiLB are set to meet in an electronic negotiation session Wednesday to discuss the final terms of the Professional Baseball Agreement.

The virtual sit down should provide much-needed clarity for thousands of players, staff members and fans across the country. News 5 Sports will bring you the latest updates as they unfold.