‘Un-darn-believable’: Coach Prime accepts Sportsperson of the Year Award in Boulder Wednesday

‘Un-darn-believable’: Coach Prime accepts “Sportsperson of the Year” Award in Boulder
Posted at 2:17 PM, Dec 07, 2023

BOULDER, Colo. — Wednesday night was one of several huge nights in Boulder since Deion Sanders became a fixture at the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU).

Coach Prime was chosen for the Sportsperson of the Year award from Sports Illustrated. The award recognizes a sports figure who best represents ideal sportsmanship, character and performance.

Shedeur Sanders, one of Coach Prime’s sons, said the award is an acknowledgment of the life his dad has led.

“He just does so many great things," Shedeur said. "But I still look at him as pops, you know. He's been doing the same thing. So it's just normal to me.”

Representatives from the college said CU football has not been on the cover of Sports Illustrated since 1994.

When asked what Prime was most surprised by during his first year in Boulder, the fan base exceeded his expectations.

“They're crazy. They're consistent. They have so much love and passion. And they just want to win,” Prime said. “They just want to enjoy the success, and that’s something we plan on bringing them.”

Peggy Coppom, 99, stole the show at the event on Wednesday night. Coppom was one of the people featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated with Coach Prime. She never thought she would be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

"I was honored to be there with them," Coppom said while on the golden, not red, carpet. "It goes to show anybody can do anything."

After Coach Prime accepted the award, attendees watched a screening of the next season of his show on Amazon Prime.

Coach Prime accepts “Sportsperson of the Year” Award in Boulder Wednesday