The final ride: Sand Creek alum Schwartz prepares for March Madness with the Buffs

The final ride: Sand Creek alum Schwartz prepares for March Madness with the Buffs
Posted at 10:44 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-11 00:44:31-05

BOULDER — Coming out of Sand Creek High School, D'Shawn Schwartz was one of the best players to come out of the state of Colorado.

Fast forward four years, Schwartz is entering the final month of the his Colorado Buffaloes career as he looks to leave it all out on the court in his final ride with the Buffs.

"(Getting to the tournament) is something we talked as freshman when our class first got here," said Schwartz on Tuesday. "It is win or go home time - quite literally. You cannot take it for granted. Remain in the present and enjoy every moment because there is not many of these moment left."

"Play with a no regrets," added Colorado men's head basketball coach Tad Boyle. "Mentally leave it all on the floor, that's the biggest thing."

The Sand Creek alum is closing his 4-year chapter in Boulder. Even though his senior year has been different with COVID-19, Schwartz is thankful for his time with the Buffs that includes trips to Italy and China and some big time clutch shots like last year in Dayton.

Yet there is still one goal that alludes the former Scorpion.

"I always wanted a championship of some sort," explained the Colorado Springs native. "The PAC-12 tournament is the first opportunity to do that. That would be a cherry on top, for sure, if I could get a ring."

Looking back at his four years with CU, Boyle believes D'Shawn has grown into the exact type of player he recruited when he played for the Scorpions.

"If they are kids in the state of Colorado, who we think can help us compete for and win PAC-12 championships, we are going to recruit them and D'Shawn was one of those," conlcued Boyle. "He has helped us compete for one, but he hasn't won one yet. But we have an opportunity to do that this week."

Some players break records, other have their names lifted to the rafters.

But for D'Shawn, it was doing everything he could for the team and the state that has done so much for him

"I went to Boulder that was two hours up the road, had a fun ride that I am grateful for and I am happy to be a Buff," said Schwartz, with a smile.

The senior still hasn't decided if he will use the NCAA's extra year of eligibility as the Buffs prepare to take on Californian or Stanford in the second round of the PAC-12 tournament in Las Vegas.