Switchbacks FC host Ticket Member Party

Posted at 11:06 PM, Feb 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-28 01:07:21-05

The Switchbacks FC hosted their annual Ticket Member Party at The Warehouse in downtown Colorado Springs Thursday night.

Fans were given the chance to meet the 2020 club, which includes new talent in players like team captain Hiroki Kurimoto, veteran Christian Volesky and high-scoring midfielder Aidan Daniels.

Head Coach Alan Koch takes over as the face of the franchise, bringing extensive USL experience including holding the longest winning streak and most wins in a season.

After finishing at the bottom of the Western Conference last season, the team expects a big turnaround heading into 2020.

"Listen we know what we have come into," Koch said. "I think it was disappointing for everyone, what transpired last year. That is not going to happen this year, we are going to be significantly better but we are going to take steps forward. We are going to continue to grow with this group."

"I have been here with this group since day 1, which is pretty amazing," right back Jordan Burt said. "To see people here from day 1, all the way to now. It is pretty special. There is a lot of momentum around the club. I think everyone wants to be apart of it, myself included. I think the excitement is contagious and everyone is going to enjoy this year."

Switchbacks FC opens their season at OKC Energy FC on March 7th.