Switchbacks FC give inside look at Weidner Field

Posted at 10:41 PM, Nov 12, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — With their 50-million dollar dream moving closer to striking distance, the sparks are flying at the future 8,000-seat home of the Switchbacks FC.

"Every time I've come down here, GE Johnson and the crew have been making huge progress and so that has been fun to see," team president Nick Fagain said.

Weidner Field, the brand new downtown Colorado Springs stadium is nearly 75% complete, with the bleachers and video board just the latest essentials to be installed.

"What I love about the stadium we've put together is even though there are 8,000 seats, there is a wide variety of seating types, viewing types, fans will never be disconnected from the game," Fagain said.

The next few months will play out before fans very eyes as the team prepares for their 2021 USL Championship season, likely set to start around May 1st.

"They'll see the bleachers going in over the next few weeks, the field turf going down in December and then the canopies will be up in January," Fagain said. "Then the big thing that's going to be impactful to the outside visual is the $5 million sculpture at the front entrance, that is going to be a huge deal."

For the soccer franchise and Southern Colorado, the venue stands as a new pillar of pride, taking shape as part of the "City for Champions" project.

"A lot of times you get this experience in indoor venues and it's pretty special to be doing this in an outdoor venue, people are going to love it," Fagain said.