Rocky Mountain Vibes opens with a (2-0) win over Grand Junction Rockies

Two runs come in the second inning
Posted at 10:02 PM, May 22, 2021

After nearly a year, the Rocky Mountain Vibes is back at their home field. Saturday, they would make their season opener debut against Grand Junction at UC Health Park.

Angel Camacho would take the mound, starting the game off with a strikeout. The game was scoreless but picked up in the second inning, where all the action took place.

Griffin Barnes sent a solid hit to the left with a runner on second, where the Rockies let it fall after a sliding attempt to catch, which leads to the first run of the game. Shortly after, Juan Barboza also sends a hit to the left, bringing in an additional run for the Vibes.

With the Rockies unable to respond offensively, the Vibes cruise to their 2-0 victory.