Ramiyah Byrd is making history at SPIRE

Former Vanguard basketball star moves cross country to chase her dream
Posted at 11:11 PM, Jan 30, 2023

Former Vanguard basketball star, Ramiyah Byrd is making history on her way to the next level.

It all started at a basketball camp in California where Byrd's skills and size caught the eyes of WNBA star turned coach, Candice Wiggins.

"At that camp, there was probably over a hundred girls there and Ramiyah stood out amongst the very serious players," Wiggins explained. "Her potential was limitless."

After a conversation with Coach Wiggins and her family, Ramiyah decided to move to Ohio to become the first female basketball player to sign with SPIRE, a college prep school that offers top-tier competition and coaching.

"She's a pioneer here," Wiggins said about Ramiyah.

Attitude, fortitude and gratitude are the three things Coach Wiggins wants to instill in her athletes.

"She (Candice Wiggins) is amazing, I love her," Ramiyah said. "She's very passionate about what she does and she's taught me to be passionate as well."

Ramiyah admits missing Colorado and that moving across the country in the middle of high school to chase her dream wasn't easy.

But it was worth it. Ramiyah recently announced she will play Division I basketball at the University of Cincinnati next year.

"I really used it as an example for the girls to really be inspired, because Ramiyah really stepped out in an act of faith to come out here," Wiggins said. "It was almost like a confirmation of all the hard work."

Ramiyah is the first of her SPIRE teammates to commit to college.

"Being the first one to commit to the SPIRE school and then commit to a college was cool, it's a cool story to tell," Ramiyah smiled.