Previewing the 2020 Broncos Draft with Ryan Harris

Posted at 11:20 PM, Apr 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 01:20:29-04

Former Broncos offensive lineman and Super Bowl 50 champion Ryan Harris joined News 5 Sports Director Dylan Scott to preview the 2020 NFL Draft.

Dylan: "Being drafted back in 2007, what kind of memories does this week bring back for you?"

Ryan: "I hung up the phone and told my family, we're going to Denver. Everyone was screaming, they taped the Broncos logo on the front of some hats and my grandmother was there. It was an incredible time."

Dylan: "Can you even fathom what it's like to be in one of these virtual war rooms this year with everything going on?"

Ryan: "A lot if the older guys get set in their ways. They're used to lining up six Dr. Peppers, something like that, for each round in and it's like they can't do that and the whole world is going crazy. It's just fun to watch the NFL meet the digital times."

Dylan: "You're so locked into the Broncos being around the team as much as you are. How pivotal of a year is it for this franchise with all their picks?"

Ryan: "It's just going to be critical to get players that help you win now. If you're a Broncos fan you should be excited, they are in a "win now" mode. If you're not excited about that and they're not drafting for it; that's where the problem is going to come. So offensive tackle, No. 2 receiver, inside linebacker these are positions that help you win right now."

Dylan: "I'm going to put you on the spot picking No. 15. General Manager John Elway said he's OK moving up or back but with the holes you said this team has to fill, where would you go with that pick?"

Ryan: "I trade a first and a third round pick this year and next year's third round pick to move up and get Tristan Wirfs from Iowa or Mekhi Becton (Louisville), whichever one is available. Unfortunately I have not become a general manager yet."

Dylan: "With the moves this team and all of their draft picks this year, do you think this team is trending back in the right direction?"

Ryan: "I'd say the Broncos are anywhere from two to three players away from being a perennial playoff team."

Dylan: "This weekend, will you just be on the La-Z-Boy eating popcorn and watching the draft because it's the only show in town?"

Ryan: "I love the draft and my draft routine is the same every year: Make a whole bowl of chili, sit down and enjoy it."