Local para swimmer inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Museum; hopes to become a Paralympian

Posted at 8:06 AM, Jun 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-24 10:16:56-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Jackson Ingram may only be 11 years old, but he certainly is a dreamer and has already begun crushing his swimming dreams.

Jackson fell in love with the sport of swimming at the age of six, and since starting his swim career, he’s already been able to accomplish big things. The young boy has already competed in the junior nationals in para swimming in May, where he won 6 gold medals. He says the National Olympic and Paralympic Museum here has really helped inspire him.

“A lot of Olympians were at the museum and when I got to get the chance to be at the museum I was like, “wow, I’m going to see all of these Olympians. And that is inspiring to me that I’m very blessed that I know some Olympians,” said Jackson.

Jackson has been coached by a few Paralympians who help him chase his dream of being a Paralympian in Swimming. One of his biggest role models and mentors is Sophia Herzog, two-time World Champion and Paralympic silver medalist in swimming. So, seeing her in the museum was rather special for Jackson. His plan is to follow in her footsteps. He may only be 11 years old, but he has a big goal down the road.

“To get to the Olympics in 2020 in L.A., and swim for gold medals, or any medals,” said Jackson.

“He is really a gem of a child, I couldn’t be any more proud of him. It’s fun too. He’s also a really fun kid and I love it. I love being his mom,” said Lisa Ingram, Jackson’s mom.

Jackson says his family and coaches help him to be a better athlete and he says he doesn’t take his blessings lightly. For Jackson, this dream of becoming a Paralympian may be his, but he hopes to share it with those that continue to inspire him to work hard and the best version of his authentic self.