Boxing 101- A Deep Dive into the Summer Olympics

Posted at 7:17 AM, Aug 03, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — As we continue to take a deep dive at the Summer Olympic Sports, it’s time to take a look at boxing. While boxing is one of the world’s oldest sports, the sport has certainly evolved over the years. Caroline Peters spent the day at Old School Boxing Gym.

Boxing dates back to the early Olympiad, as far back as 668 B.C.E. But fist fighting dates back to man’s earliest history. In fact, old Egyptian sculptures show the ancient sport, with spectators dating back as early as 1350 B.C. Formal Boxing dates to Great Britain in 1681, during the bare-knuckle era. And today, you’ll see players protecting themselves more and wearing gloves, as the rules have changed, and the sport has evolved.

For Team USA, Duke Ragon won in the Men’s Featherweight semifinals and Keyshawn Davis won in the Men’s lightweight quarterfinals. Oshae Jones will be competing in the women’s semifinals 2 tomorrow and Richard Torrez will compete tomorrow in the men’s heavyweight semifinals. Stick with KOAA News5 for updates.