LSU's Orgeron gives lawmakers statement on Guice complaint

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Posted at 5:11 PM, Apr 06, 2021

LSU coach Ed Orgeron maintains in a statement provided to state lawmakers that he does not recall speaking with an elderly female security worker who says then-Tigers running back Derrius Guice made offensive sexual advances toward her in 2017.

Orgeron said in the statement Tuesday that he recalls only a brief phone conversation with a man claiming to represent Gloria Scott.

In the statement, Orgeron said that speaking to Scott indirectly or directly didn't "change the fact that what happened to Ms. Scott in 2017 is unequivocally wrong," The Associated Press reported.

Orgeron says he was told soon after that LSU administrators and lawyers were handling Scott's complaint.

Orgeron was asked to provide a statement or appear before the state Senate Committee on Women and Children.

In her testimony, Scott said she wasn't interested in receiving an apology from Guice, instead asking that he be suspended from playing in the Citrus Bowl, according to The AP.

The committee is reviewing LSU's handling of sexual misconduct complaints.