Local Colorado Springs gym hosts first-ever local Ninja Warrior competition

Posted at 10:39 PM, Jul 19, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — You have probably seen the show American Ninja Warrior on KOAA before. If not, it is a show where "Warriors" compete on a timed obstacle course that involves a variety of skills like strength, speed, skill, and endurance.

The sport has taken the U.S. by storm and has found a home in Colorado Springs as well.

"I think Ninja is what people want to see in the sport these days," said Damon Marcucci, a professional Ninja Warrior, who has also been on the TV show.

The sport comes with success and failure, but also has a growing community.

"Ninja is about climbing strength, grip strength," explained Marcucci. It's about parkour, it's about gymnastics and, of course, obstacle training. It is total body. You have to stay focused. You have to be strong. And every part of your body needs to be in tune to do this."

This weekend Altitude Ninja Gym, a Ninja gym in Colorado Springs, hosted its first local qualifier.

It is the first local competition in southern Colorado and it attracted competitors from all over the west coast.

"Everything else was canceled, and in Utah, everything already happened," said Ally Wotton, a Ninja Warrior Amateur.

"We made half the trek last night and the rest today," added Preston Wotton, another Ninja Warrior Amateur.

This competition is step one of becoming a professional Ninja Warrior, something that both Ally & Preston have been training for, for months.

"We do cross fit once or twice a week," explained Ally. "And then lots of mountain biking and trail running."

And for the athletes sitting on the fence about competing, the Wottons say give it a try.

"The first time we swung on the bars, we stunk," explained Preston. "We couldn't do any of the movements. It was so hard. But then you get the hang of it and it's super fun."

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