Former Colorado College team manager being uplifted after undergoing brain surgery

Former Colorado College team manager being uplifted after undergoing brain surgery
Posted at 10:08 PM, Feb 20, 2022

COLORADO SPRINGS — Israel Ashiagbor took pride in his role as the team manager for the Colorado College basketball team. Israel was graduating with the intent to take the MCAT and become
a doctor in the near future.

"I could tell something wasn't right because my comprehension just wasn't right."

Shortly after graduating from CC, Israel was diagnosed with a brain tumor that had grown to be the size of a fist.

"My heart just sunk." said junior guard Charlie Rounaghi. " I reached out and said anything you need you to let me know."

For the basketball team, everyone who shows up to practice is considered family, especially Israel.

"He really cared about the outcome of the game," said student assistant Jackson Tanner. "I think he cared about us the most, like a family member to us. That was huge for us."

Since Israel's biological family lives in New York, the players from the team help where they can when it comes to rehabilitation appointments and just getting around.

"When I saw him doing his physical therapy and he couldn't lift a rope down, I immediately realized how severe it was" said Rounaghi. " So, yeah we've been helping with rides and anything he really needs."

Nearly two months after surgery, Israel says the hardest part is not having full mobility.

"Daily activities really changed a lot including getting into bed, getting out of bed."

Nothing for Israel is the same prior to December 2021, however, the former CC Tiger is taking his situation as another life lesson.

"I want to let people know that tomorrow isn't promised. Whatever you got on your mind just do it now. Live in the moment. I'm living proof of that."

The Tigers have created a gofundmeaccount to help Israel get back on his feet.